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Fiz esta caipirinhas para os professores e pra todos!
My girls. To get me through delirium.


Rudy Cremonini - Amygdala (2012)

1. Time Recovered

2. Every Policy and Assignment

3. Interior

4. The Pact

5. Swimming Pool Party

6. The Escape

7. The Barber

8. Study of a Child

Maquiagem feita por @a24hrbutterfly
at Colorado
But first…  (at Praça do Comércio)
Later, Lisbon. See you in a few.  (at Lisboa - Portugal)
Saying goodbye to this little town with somewhat of a heavy heart. However, I can’t explain how happy I am to know that I’ll be reunited with my family in Brazil very soon. Estou chegando pátria amada.  (at Bombarral)
Bombarral did me some good.  (at Município do Bombarral)
That one on the left is a Rosé port!  (at Offley)
An in this moment I am happy.  (at Rio Douro)
Wait. Is this heaven? (at Rio Douro)
Gin and tonic na Ribeira? Don’t mind if I do.  (at Rio Douro)